Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Part 1

Wow.. talk about a long break. One of my resolutions in 2013 is to bring my blog back.

The end of this year, i wish i could write about the holidays, fun activities and my birthday. But the truth is.. i missed it all.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and would love to hear all about it.





Apparently my veins do not enjoy being poked 30 plus times.

Eye Spy A Flower

I think the majority of this post will be in pictures. And i may make it two parts. I spent a lot of time in the hospital. A lot of time in the ICU. A lot of time in prayer. And a lot of time doing some soul searching.

Some time our bodies fail us, and some times our mind does. I guess you could say i dealt with both. I missed my Birthday, Christmas, and New Years. But my mom, the staff, and the girls at the hospital made it special.


Just one of the sweet things they did for me. Wish this picture was in color!



Im baaaacckkk.




Friday, June 29, 2012

A brief Pop in


*waves* Anyone still read this? If not its ok. I think i will continue to blog regardless. A huge thank you to my love, magnet, and bff Erin for trying to keep this alive in my absence.

Needless to say, 2012 has not exactly been my year.

I have been sick the majority of the year. But with a few breaks in between allowing me to get out a few times with good people. But the majority of the time if i left the house it was to Barns and Noble to read. IE: Takes no energy, good people watching, free reading, and no one really cares if you are in your pajamas and look like hell. Or to church.




I was in a great, but short term relationship with an old friend. Who i thought loved me, but was then proven wrong. Heartbreak hurts, but as a wise friend once said “Leave it at the cross”. I trust in the Lord, and his plans for me. Thats pretty much been my mantra for the entire year. No matter what i want, hope, and wish. Its all in God’s hands. And my job is to TRUST and have FAITH.



My beautiful baby Buttons is sick once again. She had a really bad seizure a few weeks ago and has been having mini ones since. She is barely mobile but we are spoon feeding her, giving her medicine, watching over her like crazy, and praying she improves. Which she has. Baby steps.



Old memories seem to be haunting me lately as well. Just more demons i am trying to tackle. During a brief moment of some-what-not-being-sick, we went to Vegas for my grandma to have surgery. The first time going since my aunt passes away a few months ago. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I miss her every day. But i didnt realize just how hard it would be going to Vegas and realizing she is not there anymore. Again, calling on God for strength.





Im not sure where this blog is going. I definitely plan on continuing to write. I hope ya’ll stick around. But if not i understand that too. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me, messaging me, emailing me, and tweeting me. Even if i havent responded yet. Please know i have read them all and am SO very grateful for the love and support everyone has sent.

xo Sarah

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Medical Leave

Hi readers :) It’s Erin again.

I am sure you all are wondering about Sarah and really missing her. She is officially on medical leave and isn’t sure when she will be back to blogging.

In the meantime, it would be WONDERFUL if you could leave comments with your love, thoughts, prayers, and support. She is so precious and deserving of your words.

xo Erin

Monday, February 6, 2012

Substitute blogger

Hi girls :) My name is Erin and I am Sarah’s best friend in the universe. Just kidding a little bit! But seriously I am. Anyway, Sarah is totally sick at the moment and asked me to step in and give her readers something to digest. I am so happy to do so.

Although I lack her charisma, beauty, selfless spirit, and caffeine tolerance (she has me BEAT on coffee by about two pots per day), I do share Sarah’s love for PEANUT FLOUR. She talks about her addiction in this post.

My brand of choice (hi kitty in the background!):


Average week’s consumption = three jars. $18. Oops

So for lack of anything more interesting to discuss, I’ll share the ways I’ve enjoyed peanut flour in the last 24 hours :)


1. Mixed with sugar-free Torani syrup and drizzled over Arctic Zero, Greek yogurt, and bran


2. Plain – mixed with more Torani (and I later added cinnamon)


3. Over chopped apple and Greek yogurt

I love how peanut flour can be adjusted in terms of thickness. Sometimes I make it really sludgy and other times it’s practically a sauce. In fact, I’m reminded of a recipe I posted (oh hay I have a blog also) for a non-threatening peanut sauce. Link!

Thanks for reading :) And please send healing energy towards our little blonde friend! I know she’ll appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

xo Erin

Friday, January 20, 2012

Say what?

Ya know what i dont understand?

phone pics 018

Contemplate with me for a second…

Why my lips are so dry when im insanely ocd about my water consumption, and despite my hate for slippery stuff on my lips, i have been using chap stick hourly. And. No. Help. what gives?! I am not dehydrated. Im not in a blizzard. Yet my lips feel like sand paper. Sweet.

People who dont smile back. Maybe im just overly nice. But i always smile at people. And sometimes they dont return the favor.. Maybe its the fact that i like to pick out the people who look exceptionally pissed off at life that day. I figure they need the smile more then the average person. but still. Its not hard to smile back.

phone pics 033 Cheeseeee! Smile, it doesnt hurt or cost anything!

Why companies recall certain items. Like peanut flour. Trader Joes im talking to you! You have made my life exceptionally difficult by recalling my life support. Thankfully companies like The Golden Peanut and Byrd Mill are amazing and keep me well stalked. Look for a recipe post this weekend.

phone pics 215

This is my “peanut flour is recalled and i may starve to death so im a little sad” face.

Why people do not wear their seatbelt? I dont get this. It doesnt hurt you. Its not an inconvenience. It will save your life. It did mine. A few years ago i was in a roll over car accident on the way to California. We rolled four times and i got life flighted to the trauma unit. My seatbelt is the reason im here writing to you three. ;)

Safety first!

Why my comments do not show up on WordPress blogs. This is starting to annoying me more then anything. I know their going to spam. What i dont know is why, or how to fix it?

With all my uncertainties today. Ill leave you with something i know for sure..

phone pics 030

*What are some things you dont understand lately?*

Monday, January 16, 2012

Manic Monday 4!

I feel like all my posts lately start with an apology for not blogging in forever! I swear now that things have calmed down, and i no longer feel like complete death, i will resume some sort of a consistent blogging schedule. **Any specific things you guys would like me to write about or do a post on?** And since its Monday, here's another edition of Manic Mondays!


1- I secretly want to be an extreme couponer. Ever seen the show? I don't fully understand how they get everything for free (or close to it). I get excited if i use just a few coupons when i go to the store. I used to be OCD and write down what was on sale where each week and proudly drive to 5 stores getting the best price for everything. Not so much any more. My goal for 2012 is to get my coupon on.

2- I’m un able to watch anything on live tv. Who has time to sit through commercials? Thank you tivo for allowing me to watch The Bachelor, 90210, Cup Cake Wars and House in half the time.


3- Please tell me how people wear jeans on a daily basis. Call it the girly girl in me, but i just cant do it. I’m lucky if i wear jeans once a month. Any one else like this? I used to cry when i was little if my mom tried to dress me in jeans. Dresses, tights, leggings all the way!

Rare moments in jeans. *shudders*

4- I’ve had my belly button pierced since my freshman year of high school. I havent had my pink diamond cross ring in in over 3 years. I tried to put it in last night. It still went in. Crazy.

My friend took this for her photography class my freshman year of high school.

5- Speaking of jewelry.. i cannot sleep in any jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces.. they all have to come off. My fingers swell, my ears hurt, and i feel like my necklace is trying to strangle me in the night.

too much….

In other news:

-I made an amazing stir fry last week and took no pictures. #BloggerFail. We stopped in at the Asian Market on a whim and ended up scoring two big bags of baby bok choy for a dollar each, some random cabbages, and insanely long green beans. I got home and sautéed some garlic and onion in a pan. Added some water and the baby bok choy. Covered and let it steam for about ten minutes. Once the bok choy was fully soft i added diced tomatoes, green onion and mushrooms. And put it on a bed of miracle noodles. So simple and SO good! I will for sure make this again, and remember to photograph it!

-Buttons is doing a lot better. Still not her normal self but has made such an improvement. I honestly thought we were going to lose her last week. She was pretty much comatose and didnt move. I was a complete mess all day. Thankfully after a few days of praying and syringe feeding her, shes almost back to her normal perky self!

-The Packers lost. Its a sad day for Cheese Heads everywhere.

Im calling this his ‘sad face’

**Tell me something Manic about you! Or just tell me something about your weekend.**

Friday, January 6, 2012

I think ill call this BLAH..

I think ill apologize in advance for the possibly boring/depressing post. And the fact that  its been over a week since my last post. SHAME ON ME! Blogger fail. I wish i could say ive been super busy wrapped up with holiday shenanigans and crazy fun get together's. Except not so much.

Ever since my birthday i have just been feeling crummy. Some mornings i wake up feeling ok. Other mornings i wake up feeling like i’ve been hit by a truck. Full body aches, head ache, high fever.. you get the point. I thought it was the flu at first but it comes and goes. So i have no idea. Im starting to feel better finally, so hopefully i will be back to par soon.

phone pics 148


Im not the only sickly one in the house though. My precious baby Buttons has been really sick too. Shes not keeping anything down, sleeping all the time, and had a seizure the other night. SO SCARY. She, too seems to be feeling a little bit like herself today, so hopefully she is on the road to recovery. But if you dont mind, please say a prayer for baby Buttons. Shes the ruler of this household =)

   phone pics 189  phone pics 121       phone pics 134           phone pics 146phone pics 301       phone pics 092 phone pics 174       phone pics 179  



In other news, my dad was supposed to go back to work out of state right before New Years, but because of some company mishaps he has been staying here! Its been a blessing being able to spend so much time with my dad, time that we dont usually have.

fair fun 056 Random December 004phone pics 047    phone pics 090

phone pics 218     phone pics 224



Family is such a blessing. If you get anything from this post, please.. go and hug every one in your family. Call your dad. Text your mom. Say hi to your siblings. Family may be difficult at times. But their still family. And were bound by blood.


**Favorite part about your family?**