Monday, February 6, 2012

Substitute blogger

Hi girls :) My name is Erin and I am Sarah’s best friend in the universe. Just kidding a little bit! But seriously I am. Anyway, Sarah is totally sick at the moment and asked me to step in and give her readers something to digest. I am so happy to do so.

Although I lack her charisma, beauty, selfless spirit, and caffeine tolerance (she has me BEAT on coffee by about two pots per day), I do share Sarah’s love for PEANUT FLOUR. She talks about her addiction in this post.

My brand of choice (hi kitty in the background!):


Average week’s consumption = three jars. $18. Oops

So for lack of anything more interesting to discuss, I’ll share the ways I’ve enjoyed peanut flour in the last 24 hours :)


1. Mixed with sugar-free Torani syrup and drizzled over Arctic Zero, Greek yogurt, and bran


2. Plain – mixed with more Torani (and I later added cinnamon)


3. Over chopped apple and Greek yogurt

I love how peanut flour can be adjusted in terms of thickness. Sometimes I make it really sludgy and other times it’s practically a sauce. In fact, I’m reminded of a recipe I posted (oh hay I have a blog also) for a non-threatening peanut sauce. Link!

Thanks for reading :) And please send healing energy towards our little blonde friend! I know she’ll appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

xo Erin


  1. I love peanut flour too...once I ate literally 150g of the stuff mixed up into a paste with banana. I think I might have fulfilled my protein requirement for the day...just about :P

    You are a lovely substitute blogger. Get well soon to Sarah!


  2. xoxoxo Sarah! I am worried about you....

  3. awww Sarah i hope you are okay. MY PRAYERS AND LOVE R WITH U!

  4. Very very nice blog! I hope you can share more of your yummy treats to us. My diamond buyer who's watching and reading your blog beside me enjoys what you have done here. Thanks.