Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peanut Butter Lover

I dont know about you guys. But im one of those people that pretty much eats the same thing everyday. Slight variations maybe. Perhaps a new veggies added in. But in general, my food looks the same everyday.

Yes. Im that boring. But my family thinks im cool.. so its all good.

phone pics 080

One of my absolute favorite things in the would is Peanut Butter. But im also not a fan of the added things most peanut butters contain. So one day a little store called Trader Joes came out with this amazing creation known as Peanut Flour. Oh. My. Heck. I went crazy over this stuff. Contrary to the word ‘flour’ in its title, all it is is crushed peanuts. Nothing else. No oils. No salts. No sugars. No weird ingredients also found in nail polish…

All you do is add as much water (or for a fun kick sf torani syrup) you want to make it as creamy or thick as you want. You also need to add a bit of salt because it does not taste good at all without it. I generally eat it plain or mixed in with some fiber cereal or puffed kamut. But i know a lot of people use it in baked goods as well. Ive never tried baking with it though.. its too precious.

Well then one day something absolutely horrid happened. Trader Joes decided to DIS-CON-TINUE it! This is one of my main protein sources besides natural proteins in fruits and veggies, and the occasional bar. So mom and i went into hoarding mode. We went to all the locations around here and bought them out. I think i had 50 or so at one point. I wish i was kidding and am a bit embarrassed that i had so many. Even worse that its past tense. Yes. I ran out. Beloved Peanut Flour stash has been depleted..

Then something beautiful happened. The folks over at The Golden Peanut Company sent me some of theirs to try! Now.. i didnt know their was more then one kind of peanut flour. But apparently their is. They have two types. 12% fat and 28% fat. And they come in four different types: Light, Medium, Dark and Organic. They sent me one of each kind. A 12% fat version and a 28% fat version. Ive only tried the 12% kind so far, but it pretty much tasted the same as my beloved kind. It had a slightly different taste to it but im guessing thats because of the roast on it. Still glorious none the less. Thanks so much to the Golden Peanut Co.

**Also, if you want to order retail sizes of our peanut flour, head on over to the Golden Peanut Co. only sell in 50 lb bags!

Golden Peanut Company

Now.. for the unfortunate people who cannot eat peanuts, the folks over at Soy Nut Butter sent me some of their I.M. Healthy Original Creamy and I.M. Healthy Chocolate Butters to try.

blog pics 068 Upon inspection.. it looks just like peanut butter. The original creamy flavor looks and tastes just about like normal PB, but with a more healthy, natural taste. I liked. The chocolate version is similar to Nutella, but with much less sugar(-50%), more protein(3x) and no dairy as well as peanut/nut free. I loved that their recommendations were to heat in the microwave and add to things, or just eat with a spoon.

blog pics 067 Mom agrees. Skip anything else, and just go for it with a spoon, or in her case.. your finger. It reminds me of Nutella but again, with a more healthy natural taste to it. Loved both products!


  1. Sounds delicious!!!

  2. I also liked the peanut flour at tjs, but found the same stuff online at
    Protein Plus, Roasted All Natural Peanut Flour,
    I just order a few a time and freeze them and they deliver quickly.

  3. What a relief that someone sells peanut flour. Also, your mom's nails are positively fierce. I love them.

  4. I've never heard of peanut flour.. I think i might have to step outside my box and try some... if it's not made of potatoes, pumpkin, or chicken I usually don't eat it (sad, but true)... so this might be a good step "stretching" activity

  5. Don't be ashamed about the peanut flour - I live in the UK and buy loads of the 2kg protein plus in bulk, so I end up paying almost as much as the cost of the product itself just in shipping. And, such is my obsession with Kabocha squash, I will race into a certain shop especially and buy all they have, because it's such a rarity over here.


  6. Can I say YUMMM to this whole blog entry! And I want to move to the US now..... We don't have peanut flour over here, but something tells me I might be able to MAKE it?! What do you think? A food processor and peanuts? :) Allegra xxx

  7. i also eat the same thing everyday! glad to see someone else is happy about that lifestyle!!!
    here's my food policy!

  8. i've never had peanut flour- but i'm an almond flour and almond butter freak! :)

  9. I wish they sold peanut flour over here!

  10. I love peanut butter, I will be sure to check out the peanut flour, maybe they sell it online? I am from NY but I will let you know if I am able to find it.

  11. seriously, i'm OBSESSIVE about my peanut butter! I always saw that at tj's but never bought it! i should have! i think i'm going to order some now :) LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!