Monday, January 16, 2012

Manic Monday 4!

I feel like all my posts lately start with an apology for not blogging in forever! I swear now that things have calmed down, and i no longer feel like complete death, i will resume some sort of a consistent blogging schedule. **Any specific things you guys would like me to write about or do a post on?** And since its Monday, here's another edition of Manic Mondays!


1- I secretly want to be an extreme couponer. Ever seen the show? I don't fully understand how they get everything for free (or close to it). I get excited if i use just a few coupons when i go to the store. I used to be OCD and write down what was on sale where each week and proudly drive to 5 stores getting the best price for everything. Not so much any more. My goal for 2012 is to get my coupon on.

2- I’m un able to watch anything on live tv. Who has time to sit through commercials? Thank you tivo for allowing me to watch The Bachelor, 90210, Cup Cake Wars and House in half the time.


3- Please tell me how people wear jeans on a daily basis. Call it the girly girl in me, but i just cant do it. I’m lucky if i wear jeans once a month. Any one else like this? I used to cry when i was little if my mom tried to dress me in jeans. Dresses, tights, leggings all the way!

Rare moments in jeans. *shudders*

4- I’ve had my belly button pierced since my freshman year of high school. I havent had my pink diamond cross ring in in over 3 years. I tried to put it in last night. It still went in. Crazy.

My friend took this for her photography class my freshman year of high school.

5- Speaking of jewelry.. i cannot sleep in any jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces.. they all have to come off. My fingers swell, my ears hurt, and i feel like my necklace is trying to strangle me in the night.

too much….

In other news:

-I made an amazing stir fry last week and took no pictures. #BloggerFail. We stopped in at the Asian Market on a whim and ended up scoring two big bags of baby bok choy for a dollar each, some random cabbages, and insanely long green beans. I got home and sautéed some garlic and onion in a pan. Added some water and the baby bok choy. Covered and let it steam for about ten minutes. Once the bok choy was fully soft i added diced tomatoes, green onion and mushrooms. And put it on a bed of miracle noodles. So simple and SO good! I will for sure make this again, and remember to photograph it!

-Buttons is doing a lot better. Still not her normal self but has made such an improvement. I honestly thought we were going to lose her last week. She was pretty much comatose and didnt move. I was a complete mess all day. Thankfully after a few days of praying and syringe feeding her, shes almost back to her normal perky self!

-The Packers lost. Its a sad day for Cheese Heads everywhere.

Im calling this his ‘sad face’

**Tell me something Manic about you! Or just tell me something about your weekend.**


  1. I LOVE CUPCAKE WARS!!! Hahaha I actually thought I was the only person in the world who watches it cos it's kinda, lame?! lol. Guilty pleasure! Love that you watch it too :) I get so stressed for them when the guy tells them how much time they have left, I'm always totally amazed they get finished! xxxx

  2. I feel ya on the jeans... I swear yoga pants and leggings far more than i care to admit! And haha that coupon show is nuts, but you are right, it would be pretty sweet to save money like they do!

  3. As for things to blog about, I like your reviews! It doesn't even have to be about food, just things in general. I like to hear your opinion on stuff.
    Thank goodness Button is doing better. That makes me so happy to hear.
    If I come visit you will you make me that stir fry? Sounds delicious!

  4. Hi - I just discovered your blog! Can't wait to read more! My sister-in-law and I actually went to a couponing class taught by an extreme couponer - lots of useful info!

  5. i used to be a total jeans freak... but then when i got my ED i hated how i looked in jeans, theyre always saggy on the bum and my legs look like twigs cos they dont fill out the legs properly, so i have become a skirt convert!!
    i would love to wear a good fitting pair of jeans again tho, i have never seen extreme couponing, it sounds epic! is it an american thing??? we dont really have coupons that much here in the UK, we're more of a "BOGOF" country!!! (buy one get one free.... :-p)

  6. I was stuck in line behind an idiotic couponing woman who held up the line for like 10 minutes just trying to figure out her coupons and she kept having to take things off of her order because the coupons were out of date or didn't work for some reason. It made me angry. But I can totally see the appeal of wanting to do coupon stuff-- you just have to be smart about it and minimize the pain-in-the butt aspect of it if it affects other people in line.

    1. lol i always make sure their ready by the time i check out.

  7. Mmm, I love the sound of your stir-fry :) I've never seen miracle noodles - I'm British so I don't think we have such a thing over here. Shame :(

    I never wear jeans any more because I don't really feel comfortable in myself...but even when I did jeans weren't really my thing. They're too constraining! I'm actually the opposite to you - not a girly girl at all, more of a tomboy, but I like clothes I can move about in. Jeans just get on my nerves, particularly tight ones. They look great on other people though (and you wear them very well even though you don't like them).



  8. You are such a love! I adore that picture of you and Buttons. Are those strip lashes or your real ones?! My gosh I adore them. I wear jeans every chance I get ;)

  9. You are so dan gorgeous in your jeans and I love stir frys! YUM - I think you should just write - don't think just let it flow. blogs don't have to make sense or be anything :) we just like hearing from you!

  10. Okay so you have no idea how happy you made me to read #3... I actually don't own jeans... (well, I found a 2 year old pair at my parents house when I went home, but aside from those that don't fit) -- I literally exist in dress, skirts, and tights... I do also have slack shorts and running shorts -- but mainly those three things...

    I did, however, recently order a wine colored pair of AG's Stevie Ankles (colored denim)... but my point? I am ENTIRELY with you!

  11. Ha - I love the coupon show and secretly, I want to be a semi-extreme couponer!

  12. haha thats so funny you don't like jeans! :P I actually can't really stand skirts for some reason!

  13. Haha I can't wear jeans for the opposite reason. I'd like to live in yoga pants and sweat pants personally! I tend to get them on 2 - 3 times a week, but right now I'm only allowed to wear sneakers, so I'm all yoga pants, all the time!

  14. So glad Button is up and at 'em.

    That bok choy deal was a SCORE. Love the asian marts-- they always get the best produce and for 1/10th of what they charge elsewhere.

  15. Loved this post! :) I wear jeans almost everytime I'm out and about. When I'm home I'm pretty much always in sweats. Yeah.. :)
    I'm glad Buttons is doing a lot better!!