Friday, January 20, 2012

Say what?

Ya know what i dont understand?

phone pics 018

Contemplate with me for a second…

Why my lips are so dry when im insanely ocd about my water consumption, and despite my hate for slippery stuff on my lips, i have been using chap stick hourly. And. No. Help. what gives?! I am not dehydrated. Im not in a blizzard. Yet my lips feel like sand paper. Sweet.

People who dont smile back. Maybe im just overly nice. But i always smile at people. And sometimes they dont return the favor.. Maybe its the fact that i like to pick out the people who look exceptionally pissed off at life that day. I figure they need the smile more then the average person. but still. Its not hard to smile back.

phone pics 033 Cheeseeee! Smile, it doesnt hurt or cost anything!

Why companies recall certain items. Like peanut flour. Trader Joes im talking to you! You have made my life exceptionally difficult by recalling my life support. Thankfully companies like The Golden Peanut and Byrd Mill are amazing and keep me well stalked. Look for a recipe post this weekend.

phone pics 215

This is my “peanut flour is recalled and i may starve to death so im a little sad” face.

Why people do not wear their seatbelt? I dont get this. It doesnt hurt you. Its not an inconvenience. It will save your life. It did mine. A few years ago i was in a roll over car accident on the way to California. We rolled four times and i got life flighted to the trauma unit. My seatbelt is the reason im here writing to you three. ;)

Safety first!

Why my comments do not show up on WordPress blogs. This is starting to annoying me more then anything. I know their going to spam. What i dont know is why, or how to fix it?

With all my uncertainties today. Ill leave you with something i know for sure..

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*What are some things you dont understand lately?*


  1. My lips get chapped and dry in the winter too! It's soo annoying!

    How could someone discontinue peanut flour? Seriously?? Peanut flour is awesome and should be sold everrryywhere! :D

    I totally know what you mean about smiling to people and not getting a smile back.. I wish people would smile more often!

    Boy am I glad you wore your seat belt!!! <33

    The same thing happened to my with Wordpress Comments. Your comments are going into spam so try changing your display name or e-mail.

  2. ahh my lips are ALWAYS chapped and dry. Whatever I do, whatever I put on them, however much water I drink. It's really freaking annoying... if you find a magic cure please let me know! I too don't like it when people don't smile back, I mean it doesn't cost anything to be friendly and flash a smile! I am so glad for your seat belt in that crash..... it's scary how tiny things can mean life or death.
    Love you sweetie xxxx

  3. I'm so with you on people who don't smile back-- but it makes my day when they do! :)
    And holy cow about the seat belt, I'm so glad you wore it during that wreck. Yikes!
    Ps-- love the Christ quote, He IS the cure!! :)

  4. On the people who don't smile back.... I'm probably one of those people. Sometimes, actually very often, it takes a few moments to register in my mind that hey somebody smiled at me I should probably smile back. And by the time it clicks, they've already passed. And then of course I feel like the biggest bitch in the world.

    But to answer your question. I do not understand how people who work and go to school full time can get high during the school week, and how they have time to even have fun. Like I'm constantly stressed out during the week, and even weekends, and can't even find time to relax for ten minutes, let alone go out and party.

  5. "My" veggie the one that I have been eating almost EVERY DAY for...10 YEARS or something?
    Yup...I think they are discontinuing it.
    I feel ya, girl.

    Lots of things call dry lips besides weather and hydration. Stress is one. And sometimes even the chapstick aggravates it.

    PS- I got chills when you wrote about the car wreck... I am SO sorry you had to go through that trauma.

  6. your comment on my blog went to spam but I caught it and the program I have is supposed to "learn from it's mistakes" so we'll see if it does it again. I thought it was weird too, usually it's only posts with multiple links in them.

    I LOVE smiling at everyone and always say HI and good morning....some people just don't want to interact.

    ps your eyelashes are so long!!!

  7. my lips are terrible too!!

    when people don't say hi to me when they see me... when my dog pretends she has to go out but then runs away from the door when we open it... why i can't get rid of my stomach problems yet...

  8. I always try to smile at people too, even when I am feeling sad. I know that a smile from someone else, or a kind gesture, does make me feel less despairing, even if it's just for a moment. If I could do the same for someone else it would be lovely. But when people don't smile back it's like a rejection - I'd never just glare at someone the way some people do.

    I hate things being recalled too, and I'm pretty diligent about seatbelts.

    I don't understand my brain and my actions. They remain a frustrating mystery to me...why I cannot be a better person...I look up to you a lot!



  9. I don't why we can't get a little sunshine over here in Oregon! Okay, I do's because it's Oregon. Hope you are having an awesome day!


  10. I don't understand why people can't be polite/courteous to others when they are in someone's way. The main problem I have with this is when I am walking in the mall or Downtown and people of groups of 2 or more take up the WHOLE walkway. This can be a huge problem downtown when there is only sidewalk and road, and if I get pushed off the sidewalk then that means I'm in the road where cars are always flying by. There are parts downtown that you can't always see people/cars coming, so walking in the road is a BAD idea. Seriously, how hard is it to get behind the person you are with and let someone pass so that we can all use the sidewalk?! People will stand there blocking it, too. And at the mall I get rammed by people all the time that think they own the place and take up the entire walkspace. Ugh!!

  11. Yeah I don't understand the smile thing either... I guess some people are just grumpy! Either that or they are thinking "who is this strange girl smiling at me?" haha.

    I don't understand why I love candy so much. I mean I do, but why is it most people grow out of it whilst I am a perpetual five year old? ;)

  12. Oh,I hate it ehwn people can't smile back! I mean,it doesn't hurt to o so,does it? It's just a nce gesture to make other people feel better,but well... That's sort of typical for our society,isn't it?

    I don't understand why it has to rain all the time. No sun. That makes me feel sad. :(

  13. I've received samples of Byrd Mill peanut flour and I find it so wonderful for breakfast foods (oatmeal, microwave breakfast cakes) and as crusts in pot pies. I never had a chance to try TJ's :(

  14. i totally agree w/ the no smiling thing. smiling automatically makes you feel happier, so why not do it?! it will brighten yours and someone elses day.

    vaseline =the best chapstick!

    I had that problem with wordpress and still do sometimes; try changing the email address you plug in. if that doesnt work, send a tweet to whoever's blog you tried posting on and see if it went to spam..once they approve it, it shouldnt happen in the future!

  15. Ive never actually tried peanut flour, but have always wanted to! What does it taste like and what do you put it in? Looking gorgeous as always x

  16. Your lips are dry because you are too thin.

  17. i liked your blog but im not going to follow u anymore because you never post

  18. I smile at everyone ;)
    I tend to talk to anyone too :p
    So yes, a smile can make a difference.
    I often wonder if people actual let go of their shit for a minute, and smiled, engaged in a conversation in the coffee shop, the world would be a better place.
    I randomly smile and talk to anyone, and when they smile and talk back I think, yes, this is how it should be <3

  19. Have you ever heard of Mercy Ministries? God bless. You are such a beautiful girl! <3