Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I’d go fat for that


So in lieu of making myself feel better about someone pointing out to me that i have gained weight.. I'm attempting to turn my frown upside down and make it a positive. Body image is something i definitely struggle with, and weather i need to gain weight or not, being reminded of something that makes you uncomfortable is no fun. I also think people should never make a comment about someone else's body no matter if they think its a negative or positive thing. We all take comments differently. Words hurt..

With that said. I’d go fat any day for these foods!



phone pics 050In particular. My neighbor and life long second mother Linda’s fudge. She makes me a plate every year for my birthday. She has for 24 years, and i hope for 24 more. I start a count down reminding her the day after thanksgiving just in case.



phone pics 058 Such as reeses, kit kats, peanut butter snickers. Yum.



BirthdayXmas 07 001 Specifically, my moms home made butter cream icing.


Puppy Chow:

Puppy Chow

If you have never heard this or tried it. Please google now. You can thank me later.


Candy Corn:

The only non chocolate candy i will waste my time on. Pumpkins are the best!


Costco Cake:

Now.. i still chose my moms cake over anything, but Costco put crack in their cakes or something because they are divine.


In the words of Rachel Zoe. ‘I die’….


*What foods would you ‘go fat for’?*



**Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be humorous. I am not saying any of these food will instantly make you fat. Heck.. i encourage you to eat them because they taste amazing. So please do not take it as me saying a certain food is ‘bad’.

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Edition

First off, thank you to every one for all the texts, tweets, comments, messages and Happy Birthday emails! I always take birthdays very seriously and think they should be incredibly special for each person. So your wishes mean the world to me! Now since its wednesday i figured i would recap my birthday, wordless (or as wordless as possible)!


Pre-Birthday Party:

new camera 023new camera 029

new camera 039new camera 031

new camera 048new camera 049

edit1    new camera 057

new camera 059new camera 044         new camera 069new camera 070

new camera 052    Bye bye, balloon! =(


Actual day of Birth:

new camera 118new camera 126  

new camera 120 new camera 122

 new camera 111

Unfortunately i didnt get to go out dancing on my actual birthday like i had planned, thanks tummy for not feeling well! But my day was wonderful. Filled with balloons, coffee, the most amazing pedicure (hello foot massage), manicure, shopping, going to mass, and lots of family time!


*What did you do for your birthday? Do you get super excited like me over celebrating things?*

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh So Golden

Its my Birthday! 24 on the 24th =)

Be back tomorrow with a birthday recap. Merry Christmas everyone!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knock Knock.. anyone home??

Holy blogger break! Sorry for the absence. Life, work, and holiday hecticness has consumed me the past few days. Its my goal to find a more consistent blogging schedule from now on and for the new year.

The lovely Emily and Emily nominated me a while back for the Versatile Blogger Award, so to fulfill that i shall tell you 7 random things about myself you probably could care less about.


1- I am EXTREMELY fire-phobic. I enjoy sitting around a fire, just dont get it near me! I actually lit a candle yesterday with a match for the first time and texted my mom about my victory. Usually i get the match going and get scared right away and blow it out!


2- My birthday is in 4 days! Yep. I was born on Christmas Eve. I was due the end of march but my mom sneezed and her water broke. Apparently i wanted to be here for Christmas.



3- I am 100% set in my ways about being pure until marriage. My dad is also quite fond of that decision and tells everyone he introduces me to. It used to make me blush and want to kick him, now im just proud.

rule of a lady


4- People call me a vampire. My friend Erik actually didnt believe i could be in the sun for a while. I blame it on working nights. I also never sleep. Im more of a ‘nap’ person. The fact that i look like white out doesnt help. Someone actually called me a ‘Cullen’ the other day. Not sure if that was a compliment or insult?

phone pics 029This tan took 6 months, 47 bottles of bronzer and way too many hours in a tanning bed. 


5- I get premonitions. I know that sounds kooky, but its true. Ive always gotten weird feelings, strange dreams, or just a thought that something will happen, and then it does. I cant explain it.


6- I have a fascination with llamas. I think their the sexiest animals ever. And now i just lost all my readers haha.

Oh my heck! Just look at those faces!!!


7- I was a counselor for diversity and equality camps in high school. I did over 20 camps and absolutely loved it. Seeing unity and people letting go of hate and prejudice is such an amazing thing.

palamino (16) palamino (4) Aprende06070 aprende002


**And now im supposed to tag people, but im going to leave it open for anyone! And if you dont have a blog just leave a comment telling me some things about you!**

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work it out

Hollahhhh! That was my best attempt at a ghetto-riffic greeting. I think i failed. Its ok though. I secretly think im Beyonce or Eminem sometimes. Its all about attitude people! Or at least fake it till you make it ;)

Anywho.. I’ve gotten a few emails about people asking me to post my workout routine.

I had to pause for a moment before laughing. Im pretty sure my gym card has dust on it, and the closest ive gotten to excessive physical activity is doing laps around the mall, walking up the escalator (im a bad ass) and parking in the spot FARTHEST away from where ever im going. Its the little things people..


Now.. i used to be a pretty avid elliptical-er. And then my ipod broke, i got lazy, and got tired of getting hit on at the gym. Does that bother anyone else??! Like.. im sweaty, i have on no makeup, my hair looks like Pebbles from the Flintstones, and im trying to focus. This is not the time to engage in conversation and “flirt”.  #GoAwayPlease

So i moved the elliptical in my house to the living room. Genius right?! Tivo, a fan, no annoying smelly people… except then my mom came home. And was not amused. Apparently a big black machine does not go with the carefully designed living room she has created. #Fail

Then! I got a mini trampoline. Even better. I can roll it into the living room, and roll it out when im done.. except people think its weird to spend hours bouncing back and forth while watching Lifetime movies and episodes of Ellen. #ICantWin

So Finally! i got a membership at a dance fitness studio. Loved it. I had the unlimited membership so i could go and take as many classes in a row as i wanted. Yoga Booty Ballet, Zumba, Bollywood, Boot Camp. Super fun. And I've danced my entire life so it was a win win. Except there were two problems that arose...

1- i never really felt like i got in a real workout. I could spend 6 hours there taking classes but then felt like i needed to go to the gym after.

2- Once i started working full time, i always work nights and early mornings. The only time i had to actually take classes was like 3am-6am or 7pm-9pm. Both time slots the studio is either closed, or only has one class i could take. #Womp


I know a lot of people would say i could do videos or what not, but those bore me. And my living room is not that big. Plus i have room mates who already think im weird (Please reference the mini trampoline).


So to answer your question. I really dont “exercise”. I walk a lot, ride my bike, take the long route around target, work my legs by swinging at the park (no im not joking, its one of my favorite places to be) And i go out dancing.


-Nature walks (who am i kidding, i live in the city.. this was a one time thing).



-My sweet bike (im pretty sure its around here some where…)


But in all seriousness, my main form of working it out. Is Dancing.


**Note the amazing editing skills on this picture.. and then i learned to always wear leggings. ;)



Is it just me or does everyone make weird faces while dancing? I blame the photographer for catching me off guard…. ;)



 Its what i grew up doing =)



*And as much as i didnt want to add this picture due to embarrassment.. i had to. Look at my face! Contrary to popular belief i am not in pain. Im actually quite enjoying myself. I think i was just dizzy from our triple spin..



**How do YOU work it out?**