Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!

Does everyone else love this holiday as much as i do?

First off, im a chronic decorator. I love any and every occasion and excuse to decorate my house, yard, room, car? Christmas is a given, and seeing as i was born on Christmas Eve, i think i have a little more excitement and enthusiasm towards that holiday. Plus it being our Lord and Saviors birthday and all is a plus too :)

But i also love to decorate for Easter,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines day and anyones birthday. I may go a little crazy with it, but it makes me happy and theirs nothing wrong with being festive!

But back to Halloween! When i was little every year we would get dressed up, grab our pillow cases and take off outside. My mom would usually let us do the cul-de-sac by ourselves a few times (i live in a very close community) and then we would head off into the neighborhood and run up and down every street, to every house we could until that horrible point in the night when people turn off their porch lights. The ultimate sign to go home. WOMP!

For me, it was never about the candy. Yes their was always a small competition of who collected the most, but it was more just the rush of going from house to house.. the anticipation and anxiety of knocking on a door only to be greeted with smiling faces. The candy was just an added bonus.

I love the way my mom raised us in terms of food. Nothing was ever off limits. The pantry was always full, we would often have dessert first (because thats life and its important to do something fun every now and then). And if we ever wanted sweets they were readily available to us. But as were veggies. My favorite thing as a child was carrots. My skin turned a nice orange hue for quite some time because of my mass consumption.

For the record, im also pretty sure i still have a pillow case in my closet half full of Halloween candy. Every year we would have to dump it out only to refill it with fresh goodies. I guess the whole point behind this is: because it was never off limits or deemed "bad", we never went overboard. Oh the perks of being a child. But i digress...

Theirs just something magical about this day. So many people coming together for little kids, neighbors doing potlucks outside, people spending money for treats to give away to strangers, being scared silly and then laughing after. (One of my first job was working in a haunted house, im basically a professional scare-er).

Lets look at some past Halloween fun shall we?

I think these are the oldest pics i have on my computer. My sophomore year in high school. A ballerina obviously. btw.. totally made that tutu on my own. I know.. so crafty!

A few years later Dad and i went to the fair one year dressed in scrubs!

Not sure what i was this year, I think i was going for a fairy. I mean.. i had wings and glitter..

Two years ago i went as Aphrodite.. or some version of a Grecian goddess.

And this year i went as Raggedy Ann.

***What are you being for halloween?** Show me your costumes!**

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes you just need to sparkle

So since Im aware that im the only girl who ever has a bad hair day, cant find a thing to wear, feels uncomfortable in her own skin, and just downright doesnt like how she looks (just kiddinggg) i figured i'd share some things that perk me up, add a little pep in my step and get me out of the house!

1- Create an alter ego. And channel that person. For me, its Jenna Jameson. Not the porn star side.. im a classy gal and basically a nun. Which is why Channeling a little Jenna works for me. I tease my hair a little extra, add a little more eyeliner, and rock her overly-confident, sassy attitude.

2- Put on a dress (as per usual) Or anything that makes you feel good. For me, its a dress and boots. Especially if im going out dancing. Footloose aint got nothing on me ;)

3- Add a little sparkle. Rhinestones are a girls best friend. And when desperate times call for desperate measures.. a little glitter never hurt anyone. Just use it in moderation. Or else you'll like like pixie dust exploded on you.. or that you just came back from a strip club..

4- Just a little touch goes a long way! And even if its not that noticeable. YOU know its there. And thats all that matters =)

Then... grab your best friend. Go out. And have a good night. Because remember that just because you feel less then stellar, no one else will know it unless you let them. Fake it till you make it ;)

**What do you do when your feeling less then stellar?**

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ive got some reviewin' to do!

Morning loves! Ive got some wonderful reviews coming your way..

But first i have to introduce you to these candy nutrition bars.
Seriously.. how yummy do these look??! And just in time for Halloween!

Why indulge in nutritionally void candy bars, when you can have something that tastes just like a candy bar that:

-Has ONLY 150 calories.

-Is Low in sugar.

-VEGAN and Dairy free

-All natural, and a good source of Omega 3 & 6!

-They also come in Honey Graham, and Nutty Marshmallow.

PROBAR is convenient, easy for on-the-go, and an all natural food. They use only the finest all natural, real, wholesome, and organic ingredients from
responsible growers to create food that is simple: delicious and Real.

But thats just one type!

Arts Original is where it all started. Their basic meal replacement bar has 8 flavors with whole foods, grains, nuts and fruit!

Arts Origional is 100% vegan, certified organic, 70% raw, a good source of omega 3 and 6, and has 8-12 grams of plant based protein! WooHoo!

And the newest edition to the line is the Fruition:

This fruit-based, superfood snack bar is designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories.

This baby comes in 6 mouth-watering real fruit flavors Dense with antioxidants and Omegas from Chia Seeds.

Each bar has 2 servings of fruit, 4g of fiber, 2g of fat and only 160 calories!

***If you'd like to try these wonderful bars as well AND to receive 40% off your first order!!! go to And enter code "BLOGGER" at checkout. Sweet deal!***

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

But kids dont eat vegan!?

Well i beg to differ!
I take care of two amazing little girls and on top of their basic needs, meds, emergency girly situations and mental health. Im also in charge of feeding them.

Being vegan myself, i dont mind making carnivorous meals. I grew up in a family who eats (and still eats) meat. I prefer not to deal with meat, but its inevitable.

BUT... seeing as im in charge of their meals, i tend to stick to vegetarian, if not vegan snacks/meals depending on what is in the fridge and what i have to work with. And i have to say. They ask for fruits and veggies more often then say, chocolate. We make home made hummuce and vegan cupcakes and cookies. And i may have cried a bit the first time one of the girls came to me and said "i hate no animal for lunch today!" all excitedly.

I truely believe we eat with our eyes. Kids especially. If something doesnt look appetising or fun, their not gonna be willing to eat it. Ill add cinnimon to apple slices, honey and peanutbutter on bananas, parsley on hummuce,
paprika on cauliflower. Anything to help make it a little more festive and fun.

Here's an example of a snack. Sliced strawberries, a banana with drizzled peanut butter, and organic peanut butter pretzels. With a fruity yogurt drink on the side.

And heres a (less then stellar picture) of a more savory meal:

-Tofu scramble with bell peppers and mushrooms on an english muffin.
-With vegan cheese.
-pop chips for the older one, extra bell pepper slices for my little one.

Start with the tofu scramble with veggies. Add vegan cheese to a toasted english muffin. Place scramble on the english muffin and Wha-lah! Veganized and much better version of an Egg McMuffin!

**What are some of your favorite veg-friendly snacks/meals? Do you think its hard to get kids to eat healthy?**

Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday (second edition!)

Its Monday again! Which means another edition of Manic Mondays:
Where i tell you random/interesting/strange/quirky things about myself, and you hopefully do the same!

Aw baby Tink! My dog and i are ridiculously alike. Were both hyper at times, and dead the next. We sleep in very odd positions. We both love veggies. I think she actually likes squash more then i do. And we both make goofy faces. Which leads me to #2...

I am incapable of not making a stupid face in pictures. Its very rare i will actually smile.

Since i have no shame, i figure no one else should either. I will make you pose with every object, character, random person if i think it will make a good picture. Pretend all you want it bothers you.. we all know you'll be thanking me later for the photos =)

It makes me incredibly happy to dance around my house.
Especially if theirs multiple people there.
And especially if its to Justin Bieber.
Bonus points if its after 2am.

Your Turn! Tell me something manic about you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I guess im not easily offended?

Certain things really bother me.
-People using the Lords name in vain.
-The use of the 'n' word.
-Racism and hatred towards people.
-The whole anti-gay thing. Im sorry, people should be allowed to love whomever they want.
-Animal cruelty. I will hit you with my car if i see an animal being mistreated.
-Wasting food. Call me a grandma, but their are starving kids in africa! Eat your damn sandwich or donate the rest.

But besides these few things, im not easily offended. I tend to be a go with the flow type person. It takes a lot to get me on my soapbox, but i dont hesitate to stand up for what i believe in.

This however, i almost find comical.. im sorry, im not sorry.

I mean.. wouldnt you almost feel like an ass wearing this costume? Its not offensive. No more so then someone dressing up as say, Hitler or Osama in my opinion.

This.. however, i find offensive. You might as well have "im a douche bag" written on your forehead.

And now i have written douche bag on my blog, and im almost offended....

**What offends you? What are things that should offend you, but dont?**

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So as im sitting here.. in semi darkness i was thinking to myself.
why am i wearing tights?

Well the obvious reason is that im going out dancing tonight, and dont feel like putting my dress on yet, only for it

Again. logic. *Thumbs up* ;)

**yes i am almost 24 and have no idea how to use the iron. Me and sharp/heavy/hot objects= no bueno**
to get wrinkled, and me needing to call mom to iron it. logic here people, logic.

Annyywayysss... back to my intended posting. While wearing tights may seem like any normal thing to other people. Its something that makes me happy. So i got to thinking.. what other random things make me happy. What random things make YOU happy?

Going out dancing and posing with inanimate objects. SMART CARS!

Being with my best friend in the entire world. aka the momma

Enjoying Gods creations.

Baking and creating things in the kitchen

Decorating for holidays and getting dressed up!

This precious furr baby!

This sassy little diva!

Getting pedicures!

**What makes you happy??**