Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I’d go fat for that


So in lieu of making myself feel better about someone pointing out to me that i have gained weight.. I'm attempting to turn my frown upside down and make it a positive. Body image is something i definitely struggle with, and weather i need to gain weight or not, being reminded of something that makes you uncomfortable is no fun. I also think people should never make a comment about someone else's body no matter if they think its a negative or positive thing. We all take comments differently. Words hurt..

With that said. I’d go fat any day for these foods!



phone pics 050In particular. My neighbor and life long second mother Linda’s fudge. She makes me a plate every year for my birthday. She has for 24 years, and i hope for 24 more. I start a count down reminding her the day after thanksgiving just in case.



phone pics 058 Such as reeses, kit kats, peanut butter snickers. Yum.



BirthdayXmas 07 001 Specifically, my moms home made butter cream icing.


Puppy Chow:

Puppy Chow

If you have never heard this or tried it. Please google now. You can thank me later.


Candy Corn:

The only non chocolate candy i will waste my time on. Pumpkins are the best!


Costco Cake:

Now.. i still chose my moms cake over anything, but Costco put crack in their cakes or something because they are divine.


In the words of Rachel Zoe. ‘I die’….


*What foods would you ‘go fat for’?*



**Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be humorous. I am not saying any of these food will instantly make you fat. Heck.. i encourage you to eat them because they taste amazing. So please do not take it as me saying a certain food is ‘bad’.


  1. i would go fat for my health, not for a food. words do hurt. tremendously. i understand, 100%.

  2. I love this post and agree with you 100%! And lol about foods to go fat for. Definitely puppy chow and sushi - YUM!

  3. I bring "puppy Chow" to every party! always a hit! xoxo

  4. This is a wonderful post :) I love how you dealt with something upsetting using humor.

    This is a dangerous question given how much I LOVE food! That being said:

    1. Bread, tortillas, hawaiian sweet rolls, bagels - bready carbs are my weakness!
    2. Cinnamon rolls with tons of cream cheese frosting
    3. Peanut butter
    4. Chocolate in almost any form
    5. Peppermint candy ice cream
    6. Giant cookies


  5. YUM to fudge and chocolate! Perhaps we should do an exchange some time?! x

  6. Yep,words definitely hurt. One should therefore think thoroughly about ones statements...
    Love this post though,I've never tried puppy chow,but it looks yummy! :)

  7. I love this post!! And I really want to steal your idea! do you mind? I will give you all the credit of course :) xxxxxx

  8. Best post ever!

    Girl, sometimes I say to myself "Okay. So, you're fat. Yeah, real fat Missy. So what? Now what? What's wrong with being fat?"

    Taking to my ridiculous always made me feel better when I wanted to scream. Because...we know that we are not "really"'s just this feeling we get of ickiness in our new bodies.

  9. Hi lovely! In response to your question, (not a stupid question at all!) I did google Xanthan gum before I bought it for exactly the same reason!! From a few different sites, the estimate I got is 30 calories for 1 tbsp. But for the frapp, you literally only need a pinch, maybe I should add 5 cals to my recipe for it! But you know when it's less than 5 cals the companies count it as calorie free? I'm doing that :) lol. Let me know if you try making them!! xxxxxxxx

  10. I am sooooooo with you on the icing!

  11. you are simply gorgeous. love the food porn too.

  12. The cheesecake filling in costco cakes is to die for!

  13. ahhh soo agree about the means words. like why should anyone care if someone who is underweight gains weight? i can't tell if you have or not, nor do I care, but that person is really wrong to say something. if you have gained weight, good for you b/c you are too thin. if not, then maybe you should? i don't know.

    i don't think that you should say "go fat for" any food. obviously you have an eating disorder (anorexia), so i doubt you would really be willing to be "fat" if that's what eating those foods would do to you. the idea that any food, no matter what it is, makes someone fat is not healthy.

    on a more positive note i' 'm glad that you enjoy all those foods and ADMIT it, unlike other bloggers. if I had a blog, I'd try to be like you in that way. i also LOVE chocolate and have it at least twice everyday in some form.

  14. So glad you left a comment on Veggie Table - I'm loving your blog! Tink is precious!!!! I would totally go fat for vegetarian pizza and mexican cuisine (not a big fan of sweets) Hope you have a happy new year and can't wait to read more!

  15. I would go fat for almost ANYTHING!! Most beloved however are: sushi, pasta, starbucks.

    I one should say anything about a person's body. RUDE!

  16. ohhh puppy chow. love that stuff! honestly, i would go fat for cupcakes, milkshakes, bagels, cheese and peanut butter. i'm obsessed with the stuff!

  17. Cute blogg!


  18. yes! icing! frosting and icing are my weaknesses... :)

  19. Yeppp good choice on the fudge and puppy chow! I very much agree :) Oh and heck YES to candy corn! I am fairly certain I could LIVE on that shiattt haha :)

  20. What an awesome stash of candy! :D
    Looove candy corn but it isnt sold here in Germany which is sad!

  21. This post made my day. I love it!
    I would definitely "go fat" for peanut butter anything, BabyCakes cupcakes (a vegan bakery in LA), and various different types of chips and crackers. I love crunchy things!
    I hope you're having a lovely New Year!

  22. Oh yum, that entire table of goodies I would go fat for haha.
    I also just googled puppy chow.... YUM!!!! I would go fat for that too!

  23. Comments like that are hard... I remember my grandma taking me to an appointment and I found out I had gained some weight (when I was recovering) and my grandma was all loud and excited about it. I also remember someone telling me, "oh, you look great, you're getting your cheeks back." These comments are hard because, yes we know recovery and weight gain is good, but we still have that ed voice in our head that tells us it is so wrong. However, the regular ole joe doesn't understand why we aren't ecstatic about getting healthier; they don't comprehend that we have this other little nagging voice in our head. If someone kind-hearted comments that you have gained weight, they mean it as a compliment; they would never say it to someone who doesn't need to/shouldn't gain weight. But I think there should be a rule: NEVER COMMENT ABOUT BODY OR WEIGHT TO SOMEONE WITH AN EATING DISORDER. Whether it's "you look like you've started gaining some weight, you look healthier" or "wow, you've lost a lot of weight," the comments find a whole new skewed meaning when ed is involved and it's harmful/hurtful. I hope you are able to rationalize that whoever said this to you meant it completely in a good way... you are extremely too thin and they were happpy to see you begin to make a step in a better direction.

  24. HAHHA! this post is funny. i like it! i might have to copy :)

    1. Please do =) i'd love to see other peoples list!

  25. You definitely aren't fat. I think you look amazing!

    I have a weakness for fudge, too :-)

  26. Fudge and puppy chow mmmmmm they make me swoon haha

  27. this is hilarious...

    for me?

    Pumpkin (obviously ;) )
    chocolate zuccoto cake
    chicken francese
    Hawaiian sweet rolls
    oh and creamy cocktails...

  28. Love this...I would totally get fat for loads of sourdough bread and salted butter. There is nothing better!

    Great post. Happy 2012 my friend. Hope it's off to a good start.

  29. FUDGE! Love it!
    I also used to love eating frosting out of those small betty crocker plastic tubs.

  30. Chocolate!! if i could i would eat loads of it!! but otherwise im quite healthy and that's the way i like it. i don't miss junk food. if i want a certain food ill eat it. i don't care about the calories and all that.
    ive recovered from anorexia!!:) and im so glad that i can eat whatever and not care!!!:)

    ALSO!!? i would go fat for cheese sandwiches!! its like the best food i know!!