Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work it out

Hollahhhh! That was my best attempt at a ghetto-riffic greeting. I think i failed. Its ok though. I secretly think im Beyonce or Eminem sometimes. Its all about attitude people! Or at least fake it till you make it ;)

Anywho.. I’ve gotten a few emails about people asking me to post my workout routine.

I had to pause for a moment before laughing. Im pretty sure my gym card has dust on it, and the closest ive gotten to excessive physical activity is doing laps around the mall, walking up the escalator (im a bad ass) and parking in the spot FARTHEST away from where ever im going. Its the little things people..


Now.. i used to be a pretty avid elliptical-er. And then my ipod broke, i got lazy, and got tired of getting hit on at the gym. Does that bother anyone else??! Like.. im sweaty, i have on no makeup, my hair looks like Pebbles from the Flintstones, and im trying to focus. This is not the time to engage in conversation and “flirt”.  #GoAwayPlease

So i moved the elliptical in my house to the living room. Genius right?! Tivo, a fan, no annoying smelly people… except then my mom came home. And was not amused. Apparently a big black machine does not go with the carefully designed living room she has created. #Fail

Then! I got a mini trampoline. Even better. I can roll it into the living room, and roll it out when im done.. except people think its weird to spend hours bouncing back and forth while watching Lifetime movies and episodes of Ellen. #ICantWin

So Finally! i got a membership at a dance fitness studio. Loved it. I had the unlimited membership so i could go and take as many classes in a row as i wanted. Yoga Booty Ballet, Zumba, Bollywood, Boot Camp. Super fun. And I've danced my entire life so it was a win win. Except there were two problems that arose...

1- i never really felt like i got in a real workout. I could spend 6 hours there taking classes but then felt like i needed to go to the gym after.

2- Once i started working full time, i always work nights and early mornings. The only time i had to actually take classes was like 3am-6am or 7pm-9pm. Both time slots the studio is either closed, or only has one class i could take. #Womp


I know a lot of people would say i could do videos or what not, but those bore me. And my living room is not that big. Plus i have room mates who already think im weird (Please reference the mini trampoline).


So to answer your question. I really dont “exercise”. I walk a lot, ride my bike, take the long route around target, work my legs by swinging at the park (no im not joking, its one of my favorite places to be) And i go out dancing.


-Nature walks (who am i kidding, i live in the city.. this was a one time thing).



-My sweet bike (im pretty sure its around here some where…)


But in all seriousness, my main form of working it out. Is Dancing.


**Note the amazing editing skills on this picture.. and then i learned to always wear leggings. ;)



Is it just me or does everyone make weird faces while dancing? I blame the photographer for catching me off guard…. ;)



 Its what i grew up doing =)



*And as much as i didnt want to add this picture due to embarrassment.. i had to. Look at my face! Contrary to popular belief i am not in pain. Im actually quite enjoying myself. I think i was just dizzy from our triple spin..



**How do YOU work it out?**


  1. hey girl! im with you on walking!! :)
    On my page there is a link to lakanto somewhere and the website i get it at.... i think the protein frosting post.
    you can make the cookies without oil but they would be ALOT more muffin-like than crispy edged. :) xo

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  3. Sarah,
    The mini trampoline sounds like fun! i would definitely do that if I had one. I don't really exercise either. I do yoga sometimes, but I consider that more stretching than an exercise routine. I love going for walks though, I guess that counts? Walking across campus and up long flights of stairs multiple times a day, and walking around in the city is how I "work out". Dancing sounds like such a fun way to work out :) Can I please go dancing with you? You can teach me how to dance ;) I'm not a good dancer! and I have never been brave enough to go to a zumba class ;P I love the editing on your picture haha. It happens.

    have a great sunday xx

  4. hey sarah :) aw i love walking, and nature :P i live in a big city too but still...and thats so cool that you can dance, its fun but i cant really dance :P i run a few times a week but its just short. and i walk, but not as much as i used to. and i know part of that was unhealthy, but now i just do a lot less. i don't think it's enough but idk...i would love to do more yoga though. it's calming too and helps with anxiety. so its something i should do more of but i have little patience often. hope you have a nice weekend xox

  5. I like running as my main means of working out, but I've seen people achieve amazing results with dancing.

    I used to have a trampoline too, but I have such terrible kept making me dizzy and I'd fall off. Sadly I am a klutz and not ethereal and graceful like you are.


  6. I like to hula hoop if that makes you feel better - hahaha -- and I do it watching TV.. I also engage in bikram yoga poses (my schedule usually prohibits me from doing it in a heated studio class), walking, and running

    I also used to be a major ellipti-queen -- I thought about getting one for my house but I have REALLY old wood floors and worry that the weight of that machine wouldn't be good on them - hahaha

    I agree with dance videos, there's something super weird about them

  7. Great mentality on the fitness regimen!!

  8. yoga booty ballet sounds fantastic! reminds me of MY yoga practice! ( by the way, girl, you look just like the olsen twins! BEAUTIFUL! x

  9. I just can't get past the fact that people are emailing you for a workout routine....doesn't that strike you as ...odd?

    PS- I think you need to do a vlog with you dancing. To Rascall Flatts please or Eminem .... not the Beebs. Please not the beebs!

  10. i love dancing for exercise! it's the most fun for me because it doesn't feel like exercise and i always feel so happy afterwards.

  11. I am more interested in seeing a post about your road to healthier eating habits. It seems like you definitely have a healthier view on exercising.

  12. That is SO great!

  13. Honestly, I agree with you! If I don't have time for the gym, I don't let myself feel guilty becuase my lifestyle in general is active :] love the blog girlfriend! <3

  14. You look so cute with that bike :)
    Love the editing skills, haha ;)

    I usually jog (try to at least 30 minutes a day). When I have time, I play tennis/raquetball with Dad or sis.

  15. Haha I love those editing skills! I love to dance too, one of my favourite workouts. AND I've tried the little trampoline thing but I just got bored after a while.

    I'm a big fan of swings at parks too - not weird at all, let's keep the childhood memories alive as long as we can! xx

  16. I'm SO glad that you found my blog! I just read through almost all of yours as well and, I agree, we definitely have SO much in common. You're adorable. :)
    I love this post. Who says we have to go to the gym in order to exercise? Yesterday I went on a hike and today I took my friend that came to visit to the LA Zoo and we spent all day walking. That was enough of a workout! There's no point in forcing yourself to do any form of exercise that you don't enjoy.
    I grew up dancing as well! And I love it.
    Oh, and I hatehatehate getting hit on at the gym. It's the worst. So awkward.

  17. I like getting out of the house to exercise...that's why I love running outside so much or heading to a class at the gym.

  18. walking and dancing are sometimes harder than running! i mean seriously, good stuff!

  19. i love that you said your gym card has dust on it, haha! dancing is the most fun way to exercise! love it.