Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Edition

First off, thank you to every one for all the texts, tweets, comments, messages and Happy Birthday emails! I always take birthdays very seriously and think they should be incredibly special for each person. So your wishes mean the world to me! Now since its wednesday i figured i would recap my birthday, wordless (or as wordless as possible)!


Pre-Birthday Party:

new camera 023new camera 029

new camera 039new camera 031

new camera 048new camera 049

edit1    new camera 057

new camera 059new camera 044         new camera 069new camera 070

new camera 052    Bye bye, balloon! =(


Actual day of Birth:

new camera 118new camera 126  

new camera 120 new camera 122

 new camera 111

Unfortunately i didnt get to go out dancing on my actual birthday like i had planned, thanks tummy for not feeling well! But my day was wonderful. Filled with balloons, coffee, the most amazing pedicure (hello foot massage), manicure, shopping, going to mass, and lots of family time!


*What did you do for your birthday? Do you get super excited like me over celebrating things?*


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous birthday, and so you should have!! :) And you're looking fabulous too my darling, you pretty little thing! I hope you have a great year to come xxxxxx

  2. I agree with your stance on birthdays :) They are sooo special. You are a gift to the world and I'm so glad your friends and family were there to remind you of that love pie! xo Erin

  3. P.S. Love that picture of you with your hand up - so funny :)

  4. Happy late birthday! I love birthdays and birthday planning. If I could be an event/birthday planner that would be ideal! Manicure/pedicure is a must always shop (A LOT) and lots of sushi...then VIP with bottle service to my favorite night club!

  5. Aw,happy belated birthday! I'm glad you've had a nice time,these pictures are so awesome because your smile is so beautiful! :)

  6. Ooooh I see a package from LUSH! love love love that store.

  7. I make a huge deal of birthdays too!!!! Yours looks like so much fun

  8. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, now it's time for Happy New Year! I hope you have a great 2012 love x

  9. happy belated bday lover. hope youre feeling better and your little buttons is too - muah!