Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knock Knock.. anyone home??

Holy blogger break! Sorry for the absence. Life, work, and holiday hecticness has consumed me the past few days. Its my goal to find a more consistent blogging schedule from now on and for the new year.

The lovely Emily and Emily nominated me a while back for the Versatile Blogger Award, so to fulfill that i shall tell you 7 random things about myself you probably could care less about.


1- I am EXTREMELY fire-phobic. I enjoy sitting around a fire, just dont get it near me! I actually lit a candle yesterday with a match for the first time and texted my mom about my victory. Usually i get the match going and get scared right away and blow it out!


2- My birthday is in 4 days! Yep. I was born on Christmas Eve. I was due the end of march but my mom sneezed and her water broke. Apparently i wanted to be here for Christmas.



3- I am 100% set in my ways about being pure until marriage. My dad is also quite fond of that decision and tells everyone he introduces me to. It used to make me blush and want to kick him, now im just proud.

rule of a lady


4- People call me a vampire. My friend Erik actually didnt believe i could be in the sun for a while. I blame it on working nights. I also never sleep. Im more of a ‘nap’ person. The fact that i look like white out doesnt help. Someone actually called me a ‘Cullen’ the other day. Not sure if that was a compliment or insult?

phone pics 029This tan took 6 months, 47 bottles of bronzer and way too many hours in a tanning bed. 


5- I get premonitions. I know that sounds kooky, but its true. Ive always gotten weird feelings, strange dreams, or just a thought that something will happen, and then it does. I cant explain it.


6- I have a fascination with llamas. I think their the sexiest animals ever. And now i just lost all my readers haha.

Oh my heck! Just look at those faces!!!


7- I was a counselor for diversity and equality camps in high school. I did over 20 camps and absolutely loved it. Seeing unity and people letting go of hate and prejudice is such an amazing thing.

palamino (16) palamino (4) Aprende06070 aprende002


**And now im supposed to tag people, but im going to leave it open for anyone! And if you dont have a blog just leave a comment telling me some things about you!**


  1. loved this post! I love that you're waiting :D hold out sista! I didn't but everything worked out for me, but in hind sight I think it would've been nice to only sleep /w one person. lol as a parent I love that decision. I love llamas too! but I don't think they're sexy :P nice tan....I used to be addicted to tanning but now I use a tinted moisturizer.

  2. welcome back!
    I need to write my seven things still! Argh! Where does the time go?

    PS- LLamas are awesome.

  3. Lovely to see a post from you again :)

    I would definitely take being called a Cullen as a compliment. I don't like Twilight, but even I can see how beautiful those Cullens are in the books, and the stunning actors and actresses that play them in the films.

    I love fire! I absolutely adore flickering birthday candles and lighting matches. And my favourite band use flamethrowers in their live act...so, yes. Slight tendency towards pyromania there ;)


  4. you might change your mind about sex-sure you don't have to do it on the first date but guys aren't going to wait years to do something thats just natural in relationships. it feels good and you will probably like it so why wait so long? youre missing out.

  5. People call me a vampire too! I've always been super pale. I try to embrace it though. I've actually never gone in a tanning bed and try to avoid being in the sun too often. When we're older, and all of our friends have damaged skin, ours will be smooth and clear. :)
    Thats so awesome that you were a counselor for those camps! That sounds amazing.

  6. Are you a KD? Love in AOT my sista! :)

    PS- happy almost birthday!

  7. thats amazing that your bday is on christmas eve!

  8. happy birthday on Saturday!!!! <3

  9. OMG I LOVE LLAMAS!!!! Sorry, I'm just so excited there is someone else out there like me.