Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!

Does everyone else love this holiday as much as i do?

First off, im a chronic decorator. I love any and every occasion and excuse to decorate my house, yard, room, car? Christmas is a given, and seeing as i was born on Christmas Eve, i think i have a little more excitement and enthusiasm towards that holiday. Plus it being our Lord and Saviors birthday and all is a plus too :)

But i also love to decorate for Easter,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines day and anyones birthday. I may go a little crazy with it, but it makes me happy and theirs nothing wrong with being festive!

But back to Halloween! When i was little every year we would get dressed up, grab our pillow cases and take off outside. My mom would usually let us do the cul-de-sac by ourselves a few times (i live in a very close community) and then we would head off into the neighborhood and run up and down every street, to every house we could until that horrible point in the night when people turn off their porch lights. The ultimate sign to go home. WOMP!

For me, it was never about the candy. Yes their was always a small competition of who collected the most, but it was more just the rush of going from house to house.. the anticipation and anxiety of knocking on a door only to be greeted with smiling faces. The candy was just an added bonus.

I love the way my mom raised us in terms of food. Nothing was ever off limits. The pantry was always full, we would often have dessert first (because thats life and its important to do something fun every now and then). And if we ever wanted sweets they were readily available to us. But as were veggies. My favorite thing as a child was carrots. My skin turned a nice orange hue for quite some time because of my mass consumption.

For the record, im also pretty sure i still have a pillow case in my closet half full of Halloween candy. Every year we would have to dump it out only to refill it with fresh goodies. I guess the whole point behind this is: because it was never off limits or deemed "bad", we never went overboard. Oh the perks of being a child. But i digress...

Theirs just something magical about this day. So many people coming together for little kids, neighbors doing potlucks outside, people spending money for treats to give away to strangers, being scared silly and then laughing after. (One of my first job was working in a haunted house, im basically a professional scare-er).

Lets look at some past Halloween fun shall we?

I think these are the oldest pics i have on my computer. My sophomore year in high school. A ballerina obviously. btw.. totally made that tutu on my own. I know.. so crafty!

A few years later Dad and i went to the fair one year dressed in scrubs!

Not sure what i was this year, I think i was going for a fairy. I mean.. i had wings and glitter..

Two years ago i went as Aphrodite.. or some version of a Grecian goddess.

And this year i went as Raggedy Ann.

***What are you being for halloween?** Show me your costumes!**


  1. Happy Halloween!
    I agree, I love decorating for the more spirited holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. It just makes me so excited and brightens my mood when I start seeing decorations coming out!

    I am glad that your mom raised to healthfully in terms of food! I hate when parents have certain foods, such as junk food, off limits. I think it's important to raise a kid knowing that everything in moderation is good for you.

    I am not being anything for Halloween, I'm just the candy-giver-outer!

    Have a nice day!

  2. i love christmas too!! especially decorating and all that! i made cupcakes as well! my friends all came over and we decorated! :)

  3. oh my goodness! you and your dog look so pretty in these photos! halloween tres chic, mademoiselle!

  4. You are so freaking adorable! The grecian goddess costume is sweeet and you pretty much make the cutest Raggedy Ann doll EVER. I love the hair bow in your hair. So cute.
    I love Halloween too. Just something about it is just so much fun.

  5. Happy Halloween!! Love the Halloween photo flashbacks :) Unfortunately we don't celebrate it here in Australia :(

    I love decorating too especially for christmas. I go all out and deck my room out and rest of the house!

  6. i love all the different costumes ;)
    so cute! I'm not a huge halloween girl when it comes to getting all dressed up in costumes, but I do love haunted houses, corn mazes, and scary movies ; ) and don't even get me started on christmas! i decorate so much and love every single thing about christmas! ;)

  7. you look absolutely gorgeous in that second picture. you have such beautiful eyes!

  8. The eyelashes are insane in the first them! Love all of your costumes! I'm not big into dressing up but I do love seeing all the little kids in costume :)


  9. I love your eyes (hope that didn't sound creepy) -- and your Raggedy Ann costume.

    I dressed up as a garden gnome this year... and my own puppy was a penguin.

    Glad you had a good time and got to enjoy your fave holiday!

  10. You are such a cute raggedy and and your mom is so adorable (but in a smoking hot way--best of both worlds huh?).

    This has been my favorite post so far of yours...thanks for telling us more about YOU because there is so much to you and I think the more you write you will begin to recognize that.

    I will of course mention you on my blog (not that I have a lot of readers but the ones I have are good peeps so of course we all have stuff in common!). However -- you have to promise to switch to Google LiveWriter first. (Just kidding --kind of.)I'll help you!

    Um -- Ps -- Your Tigger friend? I want to be his friend. He just looks like he rocks. And he was Tigger.

  11. Wow you have so many comments/followers!! If I had even 1 comment I might have continued blogging lol. SO POPULAR! You are so drop dead stunning in the first pics, I can't get over it. Not that you aren't beautiful now, but you look so vastly different

  12. ^ Meaning the first pic on the post? (white dress laying down)?

  13. You look amazing in the picture from high school. I would love to see you get back to that place.

  14. I agree with anonymous above. It's so sad to see the difference between the beautiful girl in high school and the emaciated one in the most recent pictures.

  15. I agree you look great un hs so pretty

  16. you don't even look like the same person compared to the first pictures. you looked so healthy and happy in them! get better please