Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So as im sitting here.. in semi darkness i was thinking to myself.
why am i wearing tights?

Well the obvious reason is that im going out dancing tonight, and dont feel like putting my dress on yet, only for it

Again. logic. *Thumbs up* ;)

**yes i am almost 24 and have no idea how to use the iron. Me and sharp/heavy/hot objects= no bueno**
to get wrinkled, and me needing to call mom to iron it. logic here people, logic.

Annyywayysss... back to my intended posting. While wearing tights may seem like any normal thing to other people. Its something that makes me happy. So i got to thinking.. what other random things make me happy. What random things make YOU happy?

Going out dancing and posing with inanimate objects. SMART CARS!

Being with my best friend in the entire world. aka the momma

Enjoying Gods creations.

Baking and creating things in the kitchen

Decorating for holidays and getting dressed up!

This precious furr baby!

This sassy little diva!

Getting pedicures!

**What makes you happy??**


  1. pedicures and holiday baking, they should go hand in hand, right? Good to "meet" ya Sarah.

  2. I am scared for you. You are so tiny.

  3. Your doggie is so cute! Lazy sundays and pancakes make me happy - among other things :)

  4. hey girl i really hope u talk about ur ED or something on here/or are talking 2 someone. i know its hard to deny it but u r really tiny and it feels silly to just ignore it.
    ur pictures are adorable though of your puppy!! Xo
    hope 2 keep in touch!! if you need anyone im here :)

  5. Family and friends make me happy!
    Oh, and manicures and adorable puppies too :)

  6. K can I please just steal your dogs? They are adorable. We have a lot of the same things on our "happy lists" actually, I too love pedicures, holidays, and recently baking. I also love creating things and feeling productive. Those things makes me happy. :)
    Love you girly. <3

  7. I LOVE positive thinking :) Being grateful is so important for happiness.

    What makes me happy? Spending time with anyone I love: Dallas, my mom, my dad, my siblings, my best friends, my kitty. I love my fuzzy yellow robe when it's cold in the mornings, or when it's been a long day. I love bananas so much that I usually eat 4 or 5 a day. Coffee makes me happy in the morning. Yoga makes me feel alive. Summer time is the best, but comfort food in the winter is wonderful. I could go on & on...have a great day, Sarah :)