Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday (second edition!)

Its Monday again! Which means another edition of Manic Mondays:
Where i tell you random/interesting/strange/quirky things about myself, and you hopefully do the same!

Aw baby Tink! My dog and i are ridiculously alike. Were both hyper at times, and dead the next. We sleep in very odd positions. We both love veggies. I think she actually likes squash more then i do. And we both make goofy faces. Which leads me to #2...

I am incapable of not making a stupid face in pictures. Its very rare i will actually smile.

Since i have no shame, i figure no one else should either. I will make you pose with every object, character, random person if i think it will make a good picture. Pretend all you want it bothers you.. we all know you'll be thanking me later for the photos =)

It makes me incredibly happy to dance around my house.
Especially if theirs multiple people there.
And especially if its to Justin Bieber.
Bonus points if its after 2am.

Your Turn! Tell me something manic about you!


  1. everything about me is manic! i'm an ex bulimic! :)

    ps: your baby tink is absolutely freaking adorable! check out my page for photos of gwendolyn! xx

  2. I love that your pup loves veg. When I walk Zoe around the apartment complex she will HOUND anyone that is grilling or carrying bags of fast food up to their apts. I have to explain "Sorry, she's SO not used to that."

    She will rush toward a dropped veg and thenm quickly leave it behind. Years ago I used to share Goldfish crackers with her and she like those!

    One for me, one for her, until the entire bag was gone. In sweet numbness.
    Sigh. So sad and so glad those days are behind me.

  3. I have lots of manic issues :)
    Love the silly faces...I'm pretty sure I do it all the time too. Your pup is too cute!

    Katie :)

  4. -I own an obscene amount of scarves and costume jewelry. And clothes. Ok everything. Hahah.

    -My clothes in my closet are organized by color (light to dark), sleeve length, and type (shirt, skirt, dress, outerwear, pants, etc.)