Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Mondays!

So ive seen people do random things for each day of the week:
What i ate Wednesday
Tripple Tangent Tuesday
Confession Thursday?

Well since im incredibly origional.. I bring to you: Manic Monday

What is Manic monday you ask?

It is where i tell you random crazy/interesting/quirky/weird things about myself.

- I am a gum hoarder. No joke. I carry a 'gum pouch' in my purse. I have to constantly be chewing gum, but it

can never be the same flavor twice in a row. So i always have
atleast 10 packs on me at all times.

-I also have a back up cabinet.

-Sugar free Torani syurps are my life. I have probably 12 flvaors in the pantry at all times.

-Fun kitchen

appliances make me giddy.

- I refuse to buy splenda. I had to donate a kidney to buy stevia the other day.. gotta cut corners where we can right?!

- I am obsessed with the odd shaped/ugly looking squashed. I go in search of the strangest looking ones.

- I may or may not also steal toilet paper when possible.. have you ever tried to buy toilet paper?! SO.MANY.OPTIONS!

****What are some of your manic qualities?****


  1. omg i have SO many. at least I think I do anyways... I'll have to make you a little comment post of mine on here once I think it through kk :)

  2. Ok so first of all I'm so pumped you decided to finally start a blog. Secondly, your gum stash OH MY HECK. Jealous out of my mind right now. I haven't even tried most of those flavors before. Geeze I feel like I'm missing out on so much now.

    K and question for you, can you use Sugar free Torani syrups for anything besides coffee? Because I've so been wanting to try some of their yummy flavors but since I can't have coffee I'm at a loss at what I'd use them for.

  3. yes! you can put them in oats, tea, sparkling water. i mix them with peanut flour. Some people mix some in plain greek yogurt for extra flavor. in cereal. The possibilities are endless.

  4. YES. I love gum but don't have quite the collection you do.
    I will say, I won't do splenda. It is super bad for you and would prefer to do without alltogether than get cancer. Don't those sugar free Torani syrups contain splenda? Too bad if they do, I've been wanting to try them :(
    We share the same passion for oddly shaped foods. I pick my squash and sweet potatoes based on the shape they resemble. It's more fun that way!!

  5. ya they have some splenda in them. but its the only splenda product i use. I use stevia for everything else

  6. wow, thats a lot of gum. I'm kind of a gum addict too but I only get one specific flavor and I buy multiple packs :) i'm glad you started blogging!

  7. DUDE! Now that's what I call a gum stash haha ;)
    I'm so excited you started blogging, can't wait to read more from ya girly!

  8. Cute! I like Manic Mondays.

    PS- You should download Windows Livewriter and write your posts through that. It is so SO SO much easier. Trust.

  9. hey :) ahh so much gum :P i used to chew it a lot (not nearly as much as that though) but i havent in such a long time. it was sort of addictive though. im so excited to read more of your posts though and glad you got a blog :) xox

  10. That is a whole lot of gum! I have very odd habits including that I like to eat at regular times and I can't snack between meals. But I think your gum habit beats every single habit of mine!

  11. Yay I can comment!! didn't realise it would work because it didn't on any other people's blogs :) I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your gum stash! I'm super jealous of the selection, over in the UK we have like...3 fruity gums, all the rest are mint.... I want to try the dessert flavoured ones!! Allegra xxxxxxxx