Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Its been like Christmas up in hurrr

No words today.. Ill just let pictures do the talking.

It is Wordless Wednesday after all….

package1     package2 package3     package5 package6 package7

package4 package9

And.. as I’m writing this, the post man just dropped off two more boxes.

I introduced myself.

His name is Gabe. I think we’re going to become friends.

phone pics 163  
 Hmm… I think ill bake him some cookies…

…Or maybe he’s more a muffin type man?

 Well as i contemplate what to make for my new best friend….
I’ve got some review
ing to do!

***Do you like getting things in the mail? What’s the last thing you got in the mail? What do you think i should make for Gabe??***


  1. Ooh girl happy holidays!
    Hey Gabe!
    I bet he'd like if you showed him a little leg or cleav ;)

  2. is gabe handsome? :)
    he makes me think of the delivery man on "legally blonde."

  3. I love getting mail, especially big boxes :) I have never received that many packages in one day though! I hope they're full of good things.

  4. i LOVE getting packages!!!! MY FAV~!!

  5. aha gabe, that;s funny. hmm make him cookies or something :P and i do love getting packages but i rarely do unless its something i its expected, and costs me money. aha normally its clothing but occasionally its bars that i buy sometimes. ive never received a box that big though. xox

  6. Oh, I LOVE getting mail. I get excited everyday when I check the mail, even though I know there won't be anything too thrilling. I can't wait to see what you're going to review!


  7. Hey girl! thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm always glad to hear from my readers and I'm glad I found your blog too! I'll definitely have to keep you in mind for my next post:) It's been awhile... haha

  8. I think Gabe would appreciate the thought, no matter what you make.

    I love getting packages in the mail, as they usually contain some new kind of protein powder that I've become obsessed with ;)


  9. Haha, those pictures are all too familiar! My "Gabe" could find my doorstep in his sleep, he's here so often. It's like Christmas every time!

  10. Oh I love getting things in the mail, the last thing I received was some health and fitness books that I have been waiting for!! I think you should make him muffins!!!