Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So lately ive been doing a lot of contemplating.. lots of thinking. I started this blog as a fun way to share vegan recipes, chronicle daily life and work, review clean, healthy food and just have a nice hobby. For some reason i have been getting a lot of nasty comments and emails.

The Lord has really placed this on my heart, and ive been praying about it for some time. I started this blog for me. I do not support un healthy habits, in fact, i promote just the opposite. So here it is bluntly.. If you DO NOT like my blog. Click that lovely little red ‘x’ in the top right corner of your screen and move on. God Bless!

Moving On!

I have been feeling insanely crummy lately. At first i thought it was just a cold, but now i get out of breath and cough up a storm just walking across the room. No bueno. So lots of this has been happening.


 And breathing treatments.

But before the plague hit, something wonderful happened.

I FINALLY! Got the Justin Bieber Christmas CD. Doesn't get much better then that! And as per Erin's request, i shall review it for you!

I some what feel bias because anything Justin does i automatically like.. and then add Christmas music and you cant really go wrong, ya know what i mean? Its a good CD. I like all the guest singers in it. Could have had a few more songs though.

I promise to get back to regular blogging very soon. I have so many reviews to do its not even funny, some nifty giveaways, and some stories to tell ya’ll. Haters aside, i will not stop doing something i enjoy because someone else has a nasty opinion of me. Instead i will continue my personal motto of “Kill ‘em with Kindness” and “Ill pray for You” =)


**Anyone else feeling under the weather? How has your week been so far?**


  1. it kind of bothered me that someone used God to attack you... I often wonder if I know a different God that everyone else...

    anyhoo, that stinks that you're sick... no fun at all. Hope you start to feel better

  2. BYE MEAN PEOPLE! Keep your issues and cruelty to yourself.
    And girl you better call the doctor in the morning!
    Thanks for the Bieber review my fellow Biebette :) <3 xo

  3. ha! did they write you up at "getoffmyinternets," too?
    that really hurt my feelings, but i got over it.
    sadly, there are mean people in the world.
    we just need to persist with doing what we love!
    i think you are wonderful, and i love your heathy, happy blog!
    and i'm not a justin bieber fan (sorry) except for when he's on Ellen! so hilarious! :) x

  4. I think people probably judge you b/c you are so thin. Sometimes people get the wrong idea. If you are comfortable in your own skin then who cares. I can't believe you are getting nasty emails. People are just so lost aren't they? I can't believe you have to go through all that chest stuff. YUCK! hope you feel better and lol - glad you got some xmas beibs action! xoxox

  5. It is an ugly ugly world out there. For the record... I think you rock! AND I am so buying that CD!
    Speaking of haters... one of my favorite bloggers, skinnyrunner had a blog "blow up" with hate comments. It really upset me, and it isn't even my blog!

  6. i've had lots of sinus headaches lately :/ i think it happens every year it gets cold!! im so excited for Christmas though and decorating etc. Sorry there have been 'haters.' its good your not letting them get in your way though ! :)

  7. unfortunately, it comes with the territory. people use the anonymity through the internet as a way to say whatever they want.
    just keep doing what you do for you. its YOUR blog and no one elses.

  8. I have had a virus too, but nothing anywhere near as severe as yours. I really hope you get well soon - you're far too beautiful a soul to lose.

    I know the negative remarks you're probably referring to and I have to say that I think while they masquerade as concern, sometimes they do go too far in judging the people they're aimed at. I think anyone reading your blog for any length of time would realise that you're not trying to promote unhealthy lifestyles.

    Get well soon lovely <3


  9. Haters quit hatin'. LEAVE SARAH ALONE.

  10. Please don't take this the wrong way, I really don't want to hurt/upset you, but that illness sounds worrisome. I think it might be related to your low weight. Maybe try to gain some weight? Easier said than done, I know, but your early teen pictures are stunning and I'd love to see you back there someday! Be strong. :)