Monday, November 7, 2011

Love me some protein!

Sorry for the absence. Sometimes life (and work) happens. And the computer and blogging come second. I was a little busy doing this:

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That would be spending too much time reading at Barns and Noble, and dancing the night away on the weekend. Their was also a lot of work added in there somewhere but no one wants a picture of that..

On To The Reviews!

Protein bars:

Perfect Foods Bar sent me a sample box of their fabulous bars! And let me start by saying.. “Perfect” is what these are. They taste AMAZING. They definitely live up to their name for sure.

The first thing that stuck out to me was that they have to be refrigerated. Why? Because they have NO added chemicals or preservatives. They start with a creamy base or organic peanut or almond butter and then add organic honey and nutrient dense whole foods and whole food proteins.

-These bars are gluten and soy free, have no refined sugars or GMO’s. They are a good source of fiber, high in protein and omega-3’s, and have 20 whole foods in them. Their also handmade.. which is a perk in my opinion.

They come in four regular flavors:

  • Peanut Butter, Fruit and Nuts, Carob Chip, and Almond Butter. Each ranging from 305-309 calories, and 13-18 grams of protein.

And One ‘Lite’ flavor:

  • Cranberry Crunch Lite. Oh my heavens.. this was by far my favorite bar. I could eat one every day. And.. well, if i can find them anywhere here, i will probably buy as many as them as i can find because it was just that good. This bar has 199 calories and 10 grams of protein. With the same base as the origionals, they added sweet cranberries and puffed rice. Which in all honesty.. i couldnt tell. It simply tasted like creamy peanut butter with a hint of honey. If you try any of these bars go for this one!

-Whats neat about these bars is they start with the organic PB or AB base and organic honey and then have awesome ingredients such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds, kelp, spinich, carrots, apple, cherry and red bell pepper… just to name a few. These bars are so sweet and creamy i would never have guessed anything else were in them.

Pros: Amazing ingredients and taste. Their sweet but not that sickening overly sugar loaded sweet taste you often get in other bars. The texture is fantastic, smooth almost. And i really enjoyed that they had to be refrigerated because the slight coolness to the bar was refreshing.

Cons: Their pretty high in calories. But i guess you could always cut them in half. And the fact that they have to be refrigerated could be an inconvenience if your looking for a bar that you could just throw in your purse for the day.

White Chocolate Protein Bar [tkp-706351.jpg] - Click for Details

Think Thin Is “created for active people who care about what they eat”

They follow 3 principles: No or low sugar, high protein, and gluten free.

They sent me two varieties to try: thinkThin Protein, and thinkThin Crunch

  • Think Thin protein in White Chocolate, Brownie Crunch and Chunky Peanut Butter. These range from 230-240 Calories, 20g protein, and no sugar!

All three were great. The peanut butter lived up to its name, and the brownie crunch was a nice change to the typical ‘chocolate protein bar’ taste. But the white chocolate stole the show!

  • Think Thin Crunch in Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts. This contains 190 calories, 4g fiber, and only 3g of sugar. For someone who typically stays away from fruit and nut bars, these were really good. And the fact that they were so low in sugar compared to other fruit and nut bars was an added bonus.

PureFit Sample Kit

Pure Fit Bars were also kind enough to send me some stuff to try!

They are an all natural bar with no artificial sweeteners, no trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oils. They are also high protein, vegan, kosher, have a low glycemic index, diabetic friendly and follow 40/30/30. They also contain NO wheat, gluten, or dairy. Thumbs up Pure Fit Bars!

- They contain just 210-220 calories, 6-7g fat, and 18g protein per bar.

  • They sent me 5 bars to sample: Chocolate Brownie, Granola Crunch, Peanut Butter, Almond Crunch, and Berry Almond Crunch.

The Chocolate Brownie was the least of my favorites. I thought it had that ‘typical protein bar’ flavor and texture. But my mom liked it… which is surprising seeing as she hates anything that could be considered healthy. So maybe my taste buds were just off.

The Granola Crunch was actually my favorite. It tasted literally like a bowl of oatmeal in my hand. This would be a good choice for people in a rush during breakfast time.

  • Pros: These bars are insanely ‘clean’. Low calorie. Nothing iffy, everything that could possibly be taken out was, and they wont melt.
  • Cons: The look and texture of these bars are your typical run of the mill protein bar.

Pure Fit is offering my readers 25% off your first order! Just enter promo code: Promo25 here.

***Whats your favorite protein bar??***


  1. i eat KIND bars. :)

  2. I love US protein bars - the ones we have in the UK just don't compare. Luna bars are great, and I adore the Vega Chocolate Saviseed bars. I'd love to try the Kind bars Nicole mentioned too :)


  3. I love protein bars in general. I want to try the thinkthin bars.