Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday (3)

Itsssss Monday. At least im pretty sure it is? Which means its time for another installment of Manic Mondays. You can see previous ones Here And here:

1- I cannot roll my tongue. And i dont mean that like twisty thing some people do. I mean make that Purring sound, often associated when speaking other languages. Ya.. i cant do it. Tried for years and failed.

2- I have a slight obsession with bowls and plates. I have certain ones that go with certain foods. I think this is perfectly logical. Some foods just house better in different bowls/plates. My mom broke a certain bowl a few weeks ago. Known as the ‘oat bran bowl’… i havent had oats since.

3- I tend to have no shame.. ill go to the store in my pajamas, i dont turn down dares, i think its perfectly acceptable to wear my hair in a pony on the very top of my head. Which leads me to this.. i so smugly remembered last week to bring a chair to soccer practice, only to realise that when i got there it was infant size…

Purse next to it for comparison. I still sat in it. Like i said.. no shame.


4- Im incapable of watching tv live. For one, im generally at work and cant watch it when its on anyways. And two, i HATE commercials.. who has time to sit through an hour long program? Thanks to tivo.. i can watch 3 programs for the price of one. Tivo inventor, kudos to you!

**Whats one of your Manic Mondays??**


  1. Oh, my. gosh. I HATE HATE HATE commercials too! They literally make my skin crawl. Love manic mondays :)

  2. Ugh, I just don't watch television any more -in the UK the BBC channels don't have commercials, but they rarely have programmes I'm interested in. With my favourite shows like Dexter and Game of Thrones I either piece together YouTube clips or wait for the DVD box sets to come out.

    I adore your policy of 'no shame.' I translate it as 'being yourself.' It's wonderful to see someone being an individual no matter what someone else might think. I wander around in running outfits the entire day and don't give a darn - when I'm having injury issues I'll wear bright blue k-tape on my legs and just stare at anyone looking at me right back :P


  3. Hey, it's lovelyethereal from Livejournal. I was on your friendslist until you removed everyone for the incident you mentioned. I am sorry for whatever happened btw. You are a great person with a golden heart and it shows in your writing.

    I love your blog Sarah! You are such a selfless person, upbeat and beautiful! I have always admired you from afar. I am new to this blogspot thing too. I would love it if you would follow me. I love the color of your plates btw. Have a awesome day.