Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctors orders!

Hey everyone! Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start. I just got back from spending the night/morning with a wonderful friend of mine who is in the hospital. While she is still in a lot of pain, i did my best to keep her entertained and drugged ;)


Since she was released this morning she is on a strict soft foods/liquidish diet.. which got me to thinking about how boring soup broth, pudding and apple sauce can be. Luckily some of the samples i have received fit the bill perfectly. So here are some alternate suggestions for those who cant chew, digest, or stomach solid foods.

Stonyfield Farm

Stonyfield is a great company that has organic greek yogurts, smoothies, frozen yogurts, baby and kid products, and even soy yogurts! They sent me some coupons to try their products and i have to say i really loved the soy yogurts. My taste testers said they were a huge fan of the regular yogurts and smoothies!

Chobani really spoiled me when they sent me some samples.

blog pics 045

Getting to the actual yogurt was like trying to get the very last bit of peanut butter out of the jar. You keep reaching and reaching and when you think your fingers hit the bottom… you still have further to go! But oh so exciting when you get there!

My ‘taste team’ was a huge fan of how many flavors and varieties there were here. They were a bit skeptical of the whole Greek yogurt thing but loved the thickness of it and thought they tasted wonderful.

If your in the mood for something less sweet/dessert like Kettle Cuisine has a huge line of all natural, gluten free, frozen soups. Some are vegan, some are vegetarian. All taste amazing and are super easy to heat and eat.

blog pics 008blog pics 007blog pics 005 I was only able to try the Tomato Soup with Garden Vegetable, but im a huge fan of this company and would buy this and the other vegan option anytime. My family loved the chicken and steak kinds and would never have guessed that they were all natural, low fat, high fiber and gluten or dairy free. This is a great product that everyone in your family can enjoy!

Not up for chewing? No problem! The folks over at Drink Chia sent me two of their drinks to try. At first i was a little skeptical seeing the little dots float around in the bottle, but once cold and shaken up, their actually really good! And you cant beat the nutritional benefits that come with them. 880mg of Omega-3’s, 4g of sugar, sodium, gluten, and cholesterol free, and only 40 calories! WIN!

And last but not least:

One of my favorite drinks ever Skinny Water! sent me one of each flavor to try review for you all. Im in love with every flavor. Their like vitamin water, but better tasting and no crap. They have tons of vitamins and minerals, key metabolizers, electrolytes and super fruits. Needless to say i was quite excited to see this on my door step.

blog pics 056

**What are your favorite soft/liquid things to have?**


  1. That's quite a selection of samples!

    My favourite soft/liquidy food would definitely be a green smoothie, but made with xanthan/guar gum so that it's super-thick. I can't think of anything more nourishing, but I always forget to make them (plus I am terribly lazy about having to clean my blender...)

    Get well soon for your friend!


  2. I LOVE greek yogurt, and Chobani is probably one of my favs!!

  3. You are such a wonderful friend while your friend is need of some nurturing! Thanks for those yummy food suggestions!

  4. Greek yogurt is awesome! I used to eat it everyday...but it's so expensive!

  5. I love that skinny water because they have one that has caffeine in it I think, but it's better for us than soda.

    I bet we make a good walking advertisement for the company as people see us at the Target check out line with the Skinny Water...LMBO.

    Whenever I drink it I can't help but giggle at the irony.

  6. Yes my Mom is OBSESSED with putting dead branches and stuff throughout my house haha it's surprisingly pretty!!

  7. I love that yogurt. I had it everyday for three months at one point.

  8. oooh such yummy products to review! lucky you! i looove chobani! especially the pomegranate one!