Monday, November 21, 2011

The reveal!

Not being presumptuous, but in case anyone missed me.. i apologize for the delay in posting!

So i left ya’ll with a mystery as to what i was doing. Some of you caught on. I got a tattoo. The “Faith” is on my left wrist and last thursday i got one on my right.

The process.. not too bad… ok maybe a little!

What could it be??

For the record.. my face was NOT supposed to be in this photo. Thanks mom ;) Hence the oh so stellar facial expression. In my defense.. it was early, and please note the coffee cup.. ya, barely drank.

So what did i get might you ask???

Philippians 4:13 “For i can do all through Christ who strengthens me!”

Its kind of hard to see because its done in white, and i apparently have very small wrists.

tattoo2Faith” on the left, “Philippians 4:13” on the right. I could not be happier!


For someone who is very anti tattoo, i am in love with both of mine. I dont for see myself ever getting anything else. To me. Tattoos should have meaning and reasoning behind the. But to each his own.

Oh, and anyone in Arizona, or say… a 5000 mile radius. If you ever want a tattoo dont even think about going anywhere but to see one of the greatest man in the entire world. Not only is he an amazing artist. But he is also a man of God, and incredible writer and the best hugger in the entire world.


  1. a white tattoo! how beautiful!
    i got one last year, a nine point star, to signify my dog whose name contains nine letters. she is my little star. :)
    and ironically enough, i'm getting another on my wrist probably next week!
    i was never a tattoo girl either! i was pretentious and thought that tattoos were ugly, defacing the body. but when they have meaning, they are truly something special. my life didn't have meaning until recently, and that's when i got the tattoo.

  2. LOVE the white idea!! I really want a wrist tattoo of my anniversary. I have a tattoo with white in it on my back...why did I not put the two of these concepts together?! Looks great!

  3. I love it! And the white tattoo is something I have never seen before!

    Can't wait to see it healed :)

    Have a great rest of your week and thanksgiving!


  4. love the tattoo baby girl. and i love you too! love what it says, and i pray you find it true every day! miss you fuji

  5. That's so cool! I like how it is in white!

  6. It is beautiful, Sarah and I hope everytime you look at it you remember the Spirit within you and the Strength you have and use your hand to do something healthy for yourself, so you can be just as strong on the outside.

    That is my prayer for you (and your tat). (0:

  7. it's so so beautiful and I actually REALLY like the font you chose! overall awesomeness!!! and btw-- I did get a text on my phone from you from twitter a little while ago... I will reply later once I get some sleeep. (much needed.. I think?) love you!

  8. First: I LOVE your new white ink one. I can't imagine getting one on the wrist... ouch. My largest tattoo (takes up a good portion of my side...) was over part of my ribcage and it hurt... a lot, and I have a high pain tolerance... I love it a LOT, but I still can't imagine the wrist.

    I have been browsing tattoos online today actually, so this post was good timing.

    I am actually looking to get one of mine laser-ed off (I was extremely sick when I got it and was talked into making concessions on it that I didn't want)

  9. I LOVEEEEE your tattoo. I also love what Missy said; hope you can remember that :)

  10. I got a tattoo from Wookie about 5 years ago! I was actually in treatment when I got it!

  11. @ ILoveMyDog -- have you read Leviticus? Context is important in this case... This passage is part of a larger passage that discusses a LOT of things - mainly relating to Jewish people engaging in various acts to gain favor to a false god in the afterlife... I doubt blueeyedbarbie is trying to gain favoritism here.

    Also, that falls under the "Old Law" whose intention was to suggest actions that people should and should NOT take to make them suitable for the afterlife (as it was before Jesus came to the World to die and absolve us from sin)... when Jesus died on the cross the Old Law morphed into the New Law which reflected that HUGE change.

    and even if you disagree with all I'm saying... and you think she did create a modern day sin... We all sin. We're all forgiven. We all do the best we can in that exact moment. Sometimes that best isn't what we would actually want ourselves to do... Besides compassion is one of the biggest themes in the Bible.

  12. the bible should NEVER be used as an instrument of hate!
    But I love it! It's perdy.

  13. LOVE the white tattoo! I've never seen one before! One of my favorite verses too :)

  14. That is really pretty! What made you decide to get it in white?

    1. I like how subtle white tattoos are. You can barely see them. It makes it more private and just for me.

  15. Thats so pretty! I want a tattoo aswell! :)